Goodbye 2014 and HELLO 2015

I haven’t been posting a lot because I have been spending any free time with my son or running. I have been spending time with friends and loved ones and feel at peace as I close another year. As I sit back and reflect on the crazyness I feel so joyful. I have had some hard moments in 2014 but some REALLY AMAZING ones as well.

One of my big accomplishments for 2014 has been working towards doing a full. I just completed my longest run 20 miles. Was it easy for me….No it was HARD. It is crazy to think though how much I have been able to push my body. I am a slow runner but I have noticed my speed on the short distances have picked up. When I started 2014 my goal was to try to run everyday. By Mid February I knew I couldn’t just because my body I guess isn’t built for it. Or maybe I am not that strong of a runner. I also have time challenges….I work a full time job that is not super flexable YES I can run on my lunch but some days I have to skip lunch to get work done. I also have the reality that I have a 5 year old son that needs my attention and help. He just started kindergarten and doing homework doesn’t come easy to him. So some nights I get off work and then have to sit at the kitchen table and really help him Oh and feed him, and clean up, and bath him….AND then I am ready for bed because of the whole day. Also Landen is involved in sports and that takes up time. So getting mileage in isn’t easy for me. NO I am not making excuses but I have to face reality that I can’t DO IT ALL otherwise I get burnt out.

Random Running Accomplishments for 2014

1) got in the 9 minute range

2) PR at every race I did this year

3) Completed Ragnar Del Sol….one of the reasons I started running was do complete a Ragnar

As I move into 2015 I want to refocus my goals:

1) Finish my first MARATHON (January 18th)

I am not going to lie. I am so nervous. I know it is going to be long and SLOW. I really wanted to be faster then I am currently at but the reality is I have 18 days left and I am on to tapering. I never knew how difficult tapering would be. To me I want to go out and do another long run, 23 miles, so I can prove to myself that I am a little more ready. Reality is that would be a horrible idea. I am not nervous of the idea of not finishing. I know I can finish. I am more sad that I won’t do it in the time that I really wanted too. I know the first marathon shouldn’t be about time and more about finishing but always being a “slow” runner can be frustrating at times.

2) Volunteering

2015 is going to be about volunteering a lit bit more. Landen is getting old enough that he can tag along and he enjoys being at races. I love that he LOVES getting involved and seeing the runners. It encourages him to live a healthy lifestyle. So if you are in the Phoenix area and know of any races that need volunteers let me know!

3) Mountains

After my full I am going to try to start hitting the mountains more. Even if it is with Landen in tow. Getting some time on the mountain even if it is slow is better then none and I always feel so much better after going. I felt like in 2013 I spent a lot more time at the mountains then I did this year. I want to go and play. I also want to try to head up north and camp maybe once a month.

4) Ultra

After my running my full I really want to sit down and hopefully plan out a training schedule that would allow me to do an ultra in 2015. I am not 100% sure on when or where but I want to get out there an do something that most people think is crazy. I want to keep challenging my body and prove that I can do it. I have not committed to any races after my full because I think mentally I need to cross that bridge and then see what the future holds.

THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO MADE 2014 AMAZING! Looking through all the photos I took all year hear are my favorite moments. I really did a ton in 2014!

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