Why Running?

Why did I pick running? Was I trying to run away from my problems? Somedays….a lot of days….I struggle. I honestly don’ t know if it is normal. Some of the feelings I have about life. Most people looking in see Happiness. I really have no reason not to feel that way. Right? Today I had a thought about running and WHY i picked running. The more I run the more intune I come with my body the more I can control. This weekend I ran a 1/2 marathon without listening to music. I remember seeing the sunshine through the clouds. I remember seeing the beautiful farm fields and the beautiful mountains. I ran by cows and horses. I thought the course was BEAUTIFUL! I was discussing the course with friends and they HATED the course. They asked me if I remember running down the ugly city block or if I remember the unevenness of the street. Honestly, I don’t remember that. Maybe I was just so intune with the beautiful start of the course that the ugliness didn’t phase me. Maybe that is why I picked running. It helps me to look at the beauty in life even when things might not be as perfect as they seem. The patter of my feet on black tar road or on the soft dirty mountain is almost like mantra that helps me focus and go into a meditated like state. This race was the first time that I didn’t PR but honestly I could careless. My soul was so happy after. Even thinking about it I feel a breath of new energy come into me. There will always be another race or run. I was able to enjoy the beauty. I was able to run with a blind runner. I was able to help a highschool girl who was running her first 1/2 marathon. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful memory. I wish I could have that feeling all day every day and not just when I am running.

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