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Running Community and Giving Back- Camelback Boys Cross Country Fundraiser

One of the best parts of being a runner is being INVOLVED in something bigger then you. Being part of a group of people that are willing to help out. One of my big running goals for 2015 is to be MORE involved. I have been running for two years now and just now finally realizing I need and should volunteer more. Time can be a huge challenge for me. I work full time, I am a single mom, I have a crazy 5 year old son who is also involved in sports, and with any time I have left over I try to get to races and run. Putting all that aside I am really wanted to try to be involved in giving back to this community….what I now call family…of runners.

Over the past two years I have seen how much runners really give back and how much they are willing to help you out. It could be anything as big as the Boston Marathon Bombing which brought thousands of runners together to as little as local running groups coming together to donate shoes and athletic gear for people who can’t afford it.

About 6 or so months ago I FINALLY got up the courage to start attending Track Workouts. I had never been on a real track and the thought of running next to people who do sub 5 min sub 6 min miles is intimidating. I was worried that I would be judged or asked why I was there. Some really great friends told me come out and don’t worry about it. I am so HAPPY I DID!

The best part is I can bring my 5 year old son and still get a great workout in. Also my son gets to witness first hand all these people loving running and working out. Hopefully, some of that will rub off on him. At my first track workout I was amazing at the amount of encouragement. I have found with runners they get just as excited as you do when you PR or do well. It is such a positive environment.

The surprising part of track workout is it is COMPLETELY FREE! It is put on by my friends, Stephanie and Larry. WE show up they tell us the workout and encourage us to push ourselves. They do this completely from the bottom of their heart. They spend their time and sometimes even money on great events like Easter Egg Hunt for the kids or sometimes prizes for different workouts. It is amazing!

Stephanie also happens to be the coach for the Boys Highschool Track Team where we do our weekly workouts. This past month she decided to put on a Speedwork/Crossfit Fundraiser for the team. Camelback Boys Cross Country Team is a title 1 school which means 85% of the kids are on free and reduced lunch. Cross country gets no supplies except a jersey to run races in. So they need to pay for the following:

*Running shoes for 20-25 boys every season
*Invitational entrance fees (as odd as that sounds, in order to compete they have to PAY. And the races are anywhere from $150-$350 each. We try to race 5-7 times before sectionals)
*Appropriate training clothes like a tech shirt or two so the kids are not training in cotton in 110 degree heat

So many GREAT people stepped up and donated:

* One YEAR free install and service from Direct TV (if you already have Direct TV you get 12 months free service) – value $$??!!$$ (HUGE THANKS TO Brian Farrell)

* FREE entrance into all 5 Solemates Ultra running events in 2015, (includes any distance in the Solemates Prescott Circle Trail 50/100/150/200, Solemates CYA 100 and 6/12/24, Solemates WineO 100 and multiday runs, Solemates Silverton Challenge – 100 miler or Multiday runs, Solemates Tryptophun Rhun…. And any other races they start in 2015) – value up to $1800
(HUGE THANKS TO Mark Hellenthal AND Sharill Hellenthal– Visit their site at )

* pink ladies GPS running watch

* (2) Aravaipa Trail Running travel bags filled with surprise goods and swag (HUGE THANKS TO Jamil Coury and Nick Coury– Visit their site at )

* (2) Spartan Cross Country tech shirts

*iRun run shop swag and goods (HUGE THANKS TO Mark Cosmas AT iRUN- Visit his store )

* 2 ASU tickets to ASU vs. Utah on November 1, 2014 at 8:00pm Section 208 Row 29 Seat 13 and 14 (HUGE THANKS to Chris Worden andAmanda Hughes)

*A Sports Massage at Canyon Sports and Physical Therapy! (THANKS Cristian Rios)

* $50 Giftcard to Harkins 

* Pumpkins from the workout!

As you can see YET again a lot of people within the running community stepping up and donating prizes for the raffle. People could come purchase $10 raffle tickets and then participate in the crazyness. Here is some pictures from the event!



I was VERY admitted when it came to dragging the tire and I finished that…but NOPE I couldn’t flip a tire weighing 350lbs 10 times!



What I learned here is don’t trust MIGUEL with a camera! I also learned that Bear Crawl and Crab walk is way more fun when you are a kid. My son totally dominated me on this!


map4map5 map6 map7 map8 map9 map10 map11 map12

As always Landen and I had a blast with our running family. I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. They are amazing people and are willing to come together to help encourage the next generation of runners.