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About me Monday: WELL REALLY ABOUT LANDEN MONDAY: IronKids 2014 Tempe, Az

This weekend Ironman took over the Tempe area. Last year was my first experience with Ironman because my friend Kim did it. Last year I saw that they had a kids race, just running, so I thought Landen could do it. My son, Landen, is only 5 years old but expresses interest in running mainly because he is around it so much. I try to take him out running as often as he asks. One thing with a 5 year old you never know WHICH 5 year old you will get! Most of the time Landen asks to go running and gets bored within 5 minutes. I figured that on Saturday when we went to the race he would run and walk the mile. To my shock Landen came with his A game and ran the whole thing. I will say I was SHOCKED and not prepared. I luckily did wear my running shoes but I had brought a backpack and was wearing warmer clothes since it was cold out in the morning. As soon as we started I was telling him to slow down and pace himself but about 1/2 through he was going strong and showed no signs of stopping. It was the first run that I have done with him that he didn’t complain and wanted to keep going. I feel a tad bad because he was slowing down for me since I wasn’t prepared to run the whole time. MOM knows better for next time. I am almost sure he could have gotten under an 11 minute mile if I was more prepared.

I would highly suggest doing IronKid if it is in your area. It is a great way to get out and show your kids how important fitness is in their life. Landen was so proud of himself when he was done. Hell I am still super impressed and proud of him. I have already started looking for more races to do this winter since he seems to be interested in running even more. We also went down on Sunday to watch the IronMan and he of course loved it and kept asking to run and do the race.

Here are some pictures and a short video of him finishing….