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About Me Monday: Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountains 2014

In October I had the pleasure of participating in Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountains here in Arizona. I did Ragnar Trail last year as well. Ragnar (road) was my dream race when I started running about two years ago well because there was not a trial option and when I started running I had NO IDEA that trail running existed. This past year I have been able to do the Road for the first time and the Trail for the second. I enjoy the TRAIL a lot more. I love that you are not stuck in a car and that you get to hang out with other running friends who are not on your team. This year was even better then last year! My friends from iRun who were the defending winners were there. Aravaipa Running was challenging iRun and actual won this year. Aravaipia is the running company that has made me fall in love with trail running and the trail running community.

My team as ALWAYS was amazing. I decided to make a video of what I took while I was out at Ragnar. I am already ready to do Ragnar Trail in 2015. I would also love to do other Ragnars in other states.

About Me Monday: LIFE IS CRAZY/ WEEK 8 Training

I didn’t get to my usually Sunday post about my training well because I have been so busy with running and life.I want to sit down and really reflect on a few things and write some blog posts.


. First of all two weekends ago I went to Javelina Jundred to cheer on some of my friends. For some of my friends this was their first 100K or 100 miler. It was amazing to go to the camp grounds at McDowell Mountains and see all these people enjoy and love something that I love. It was so inspiring and made me think hopefully that one day I might be able to be one of those people trying to do 100K or 100 miles. If you are at all interested in Javelina Jundred visiting Aravaipa’s website I am going to do a blog post coming up about my time at the camp and about my friends who completed it.

The other blog post I want to reflect and type up is Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountains. This past weekend I was on a team at Ragnar Trail Arizona at McDowell Mountains. Because I did this I had to move around some of my runs, You also have to remember I did a 1/2 last weekend and this was the first time I had big back to back races. So it was all a learning experience for me. The outcome was GREAT! Again I will reflect more on this in another post but I feel great today which makes me confident in my running ability and in my goal of completing a full marathon.


In general I feel like my training is coming along as I move into week 9! After I am done with this week I will be 1/2 way though my training. Overall I am happy with my progress and I am seeing results. The big thing I am seeing is my endurance level is up! I am hoping in the coming weeks I can be really stick with my training and complete my goal of the full! So even though life has been crazy I have been able to be involved in the race community over the past few weeks which makes the chaos fun!