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Thankful- Landen and Running

I know it is a day late but it was a crazy busy day on Thanksgiving. I also needed the time to really reflect on what I am thankful for…..

1) LANDEN! I have and will be thankful for him! He is my amazing crazy boy. I hope that we keep bonding and have a strong mother son relationship. Now that he is getting older we are starting to have a lot of great adventures. He is starting to show interested in things I love which brings me happiness that we can share it together. Today we went trail “running” together at South Mountain. Moments like those I will cherish forever. IT is so crazy to see him grow and get stronger. HeĀ even asked me to take a video of him running LOL.



2) Running and Running Friends

I am so thankful for running and I am thankful that I found running friends that push me. On thanksgiving I was suppose to meet up with running friends to run but sadly I overslept. I did go over to South Mountain and run 8 miles by myself. It was nice and relaxing. I was able to really reflect on life and thanksgiving. It makes me sad that people are so wrapped up in the holidays that they don’t take time to do something they LOVE. I have aches and pains but I am so thankful to be healthy. I have two feet that helps me take me where I want to be on some beautiful trails.

feet cac tree

I hope you all took time to really think about what you are thankful for. Really reach down and see what makes you happy and take time to do that!