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Week 11 Update: Marathon Training

COMPLETE DONE AND HAPPY! Mental it has been rough. This past week I had a LOT of support though. I have had little to no pain in my shins which makes running a lot more enjoyable and I am not as stress as I was when the pain first started.

On Monday I did a nice little 3 mile run with my friend Mitzi. During that run she gave me a speech but it really helped me mentally. Last week I felt like I was in over my head and then Monday I felt a lot better. It was also nice because it was my first pain free run. I decided to take my other two runs, 8 miles and 4 miles, on the trails just to hopefully give my legs some cushion. I didn’t do fast miles on the trails but it made my soul happy and reminded me why I love running.

My friend, Kim, who is helping me train for my first full contacted me this week and was really on me to have a PLAN for my long run on Sunday. She was able to get a group together to run 15 miles today. I am so happy she did that for me. This morning when my alarm went off at 6 am I rolled over and asked myself WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF. I don’t want to get up and I am COLD! Knowing that there were 3 other people waiting for me at Tempe Town Lake pushed me to get up eat and get ready. The first 3 miles I felt really tight but then I was able to loosen up. I felt great overall running and I felt confident. I do wish I was faster but I have to remember I am getting faster and stronger. GOing into next week I feel happy and confident. I am going to roll out my legs and Monday I will do my normal 3 mile run!



HELP!!! Low point in Training!

FUCK FUCK FUCK shit UGHHHHHH! Sorry for the poor choice in words but that is what is going through my head. I feel like the past week in training has gone to sh*t. I am now on week 10 and I am starting to hit a wall. I feel like I SHOULD be able to run stronger and hard….my SHINS say otherwise. I felt great the day after my 1/2….I felt GREAT the day after RAgnar but fast forward to now and NOW I am in pain. It really depends on the day but tonight I hit my limit. I should be able to go out and do a nice 4 miles. I am not sure if it is the cold or what but it feels like someone is JAMMING needles into my shins. I have been trying to wear compression sleeves and stretch after runs. I need more ideas on what to do.

After tonight’s crappy run I am starting to have a lot of self doubt. I am so frustrated with my body. My heart wants to run but my body is not playing fair!

Any suggestions or ideas? Maybe even just post a happy positive thought. I need it.

Week 9 Update: Marathon Training

I am officially more then 1/2 way done with training! This week I feel like was the hardest on my body physically.

Running is much like life there is ups and downs. On Monday I had an up by being able to run 3 miles with people that I view as fast. It was nice to be able to chat with friends and run and not feel so left behind. They even commented on how I was getting faster =). I decided to take Tuesday and Wednesday off because I could feel that my legs were tired from Ragnar and then the weekend before of the 1/2. Thursday I set out for 4 miles. I ended up surpassing what I thought I could do. I was able to run 4 miles under 10 minutes per mile which is a big deal for me, who is slow.


Again, to most runners this is normal but to me it is amazing. I am now dreaming of breaking under a 9 minute mile! I could tell my legs were tired but on Friday I set out to do 7 miles. I hit a down moment and was hardly able to do 3 miles. I did however run into Michael, a running friend, who was down by Tempe Town Lake because he was getting ready to do Ironman that was this weekend at the lake. I will say it was nice seeing a smiling face when I was struggling doing something I know I could do. I ended up having bad shin splits for the rest of the day. Saturday morning I got up and did the IronKids with my son (I will be posting more about this later). My son ended up DOING amazing but my shins were NOT happy with me. I tried to baby my legs the rest of Saturday in hopes that I could do my 10 miler on Sunday. Today (Sunday) I woke up and went down to watch people compete in IronMan. I ended up running down to Tempe Town Lake. The first six miles were painful for my shins. On mile 9 I was passing by Oreganos and then a guy ran past me. The haircut made me think it was my friend Miguel, which it ended up being him. He was eating dinner and saw me run by. Yet again it was nice to see a smiling face and have someone give me words of encouragement.

Overall, this week had some low points but even when it was low something positive happened. I am moving forward and looking forward to week 10 of my training!

Peace Love Running


set back

This week STARTED off STRONG! I meet up with Phoenix Pheet ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/130938803635220/?ref=br_tf) friends and did my normal 3 miles. I sometimes compare myself to other runners. I think we all do. There will ALWAYS be someone faster then you. I am not the fast runner. Hell I am barley at mid pack at times but I keep going. Sometimes my slowness has me shy away from running with other runners because I don’t want to slow them down. BUT you need to get over that midset and focus on YOU! RUnning with stronger runners will only make you better. I am lucky that I know a lot of great runners and all of them are willing to help and cheer me on. On Monday I was able to get my FASTEST 3 mile run in. AND this is after my long run of 9 miles on Sunday. I had no pain or soreness during the run or after which to me is a great sign! After Monday I was on cloud 9! That slowly disappeared as I realized on Tuesday that I was super sick. While at work I started to get chills and had the hugest headache. I ended up going home and putting off my 5 mile run. I figured if I rest I would be better. Wednesday came and I ended up at the doctor. I was sick a few weeks ago and the cold ended up turning into an infection. So I was put on meds to clear it up. I thought by WEdneday early evening htat I could crank out my 5 miles which I was WRONG! After mile one my head started throbing and my whole body was sore just from being sick. I ended up doign a painfully slow 3 miles. I had been resting since then and I need to get out there this evening and get 10 miles in. I am not sure if I will get all the miles in. I am disappointed in myself that I had to sick out on runs this week. But I realize sometimes our bodies need breaks. I am going to FOCUS on the fact that I rocked one run this week very well and hope that I can recover and keep training correctly. In 2 weeks I have a 1/2 Marathon and I am hoping to PR. Base off the other weeks I am on track to PR.


This is the beautiful world I step into to run…..