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About Me Monday- Runners who INSPIRE ME! Javelina Jundred

I have wanted to write about this for awhile but have not had time due to the holiday season. AS I wrote in another post I attended the Javelina Jundred on November 1st. I had a great time watching other runs accomplish goals. If you are not a runner or maybe new to running you don’t really take the time to realize HOW MUCH TIME AND EFFORT has been put in to run that one race! I am only training for a full marathon at the moment and I feel like I am putting a lot of work in for that one race. I can’t even being to count how many hours, how many trails, how many good runs, and how many bad runs these runners have gone through to get to the point that they are doing 100 miles or 100K. It is amazing and something that I bow down to them for. Ultra running is NOT for the weak that is for sure.

My friend Tim Hackett, who ran the 100K, and Cristian Rios, who ran the 100 miler, were nice enough to answer some questions for me about their experience at Javelina Jundred and questions about running.

Tim Hackett

Photo Credit:Tim Hackett Facebook Page

Tim’s son’s crossover from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts in the spring of 2010 made him realize he needed to get back into a regular exercise routine, when a weekend backpacking trip around Sedona showed him just how out of shape he’d become. He first started riding his bike and hiking, then, in the fall of 2010, he then decided he would train for and complete the PF Changs Rock & Roll Half Marathon January 2011.

Races he has ran are at athlinks and ultrasignup here:



Q:I know you are super active in the Aravipa community. You go out to their group runs and do a lot of their races. What lead you to Aravipia?

Amy English introduced him to the Aravaipa trail races and group runs in the summer of 2013.. Great community!

Q: I know this was your first 100k. What made you decide to sign up for a 100K?

The quote around most people never going far enough to know how far they can go. I want to see how far I can go.

Q: Was there a breaking point for you at Javelina Jundered? What helped you get past that point?

No breaking point, but had some injury issues and fast walked a fair amount of the 3rd and all of the last 15.3 mi loops. I shattered my right big toe in a night trail race 8/13, and neither joint now works, which has caused other issues in my foot, Achilles and knee, but has not stopped me. It has slowed me down though.

Q: I noticed at the race that some racers dressed up for the race since it is close to Halloween! I saw you when you came into the aid station and saw you were dressed as a Baywatch Lifeguard with a bunch of other runners or paces? How did that come about?

Erica Smith’s idea, that snowballed!

Cristian Rios

Photo Credit: Aravaipa Running

Cristian started running his junior years of high school. His first day of practice, he started loving running. Before he started running Ultras he just ran Arizona Road Runners Races and P.F. Chang Rock n Roll. His from high school was Paul Bonnett. Paul was doing ultras when Cristian was on the team. Cristian would ask Paul about his races and starred to think that it would be nice to run 100 miles and to do Western States 100.

Q: When I first meet you it was in 2013 at the Aravaipa races Insomniac Night Races I was new to the idea of Ultra Running. I was new to running in general. At every night race I heard your name mentioned and you ended up dominating that summer. What lead you to Aravaipa Races?

Paul Bonnett knew the Coury bothers and they asked him if the team want to run a 12 hours night run and we signed up and that is the first new year of Aravaipa races. I ran 44 miles in 12 hours. I started volunteer at their races.

Q: Was this your first 100 mile race? If so what lead you to this race? If not why did you decide to do a 100 mile race?

I tried to run 100 mile race last year but I dropped out. This year I tried to finished Mogollon Monster 100 race but it got cancel because it was flooding during the race.

Q: Was there a breaking point for you? What helped you get past that point?

There were breaking points during the race. What help to past that point it was everyone who believe in me and my little sister and brother. Everyone who cheer me during the races.

Q: What is your next race? Do you have any big goals for 2015?

My goal for 2015 is to run in Western States. If I don’t get in. My other goal is to run 2:40 in Boston Marathon

The great part about the running community is how open and welcoming they are to you. I have noticed that it even more true within the Ultra Community. I love talking to runners about why they started running, what crazy races stories they have, and any tips that they have. Thank you so much Tim and Cristian for sharing a little bit about your running experience and your running story!

Till next time


The Javelina Jundred 2014

I am still new to the ultra running culture. I have not done an ultra but I am building myself up to one day do ultras. I love trail running, I love being in nature, and I love how positive the trial running community is. My goal for 2015 is to attend and volunteer at more running events. I love the energy at races so why not go out and enjoy it even if I am not running. The Javelina Jundred was on November 1st at McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Arizona. This race was put on by Aravaipa and featured a 100K and 100 miler. The 100 miler is the last qualifier for  Western States 100. If you don’t know what Western States 100 then you might want to know it is basically the grandfather of Ultra Running. Gordon Ainsleigh stated the race and is the grandfather to ultra running. He is an ICON in the sport. I had the pleasure of seeing Gordon run at Javelina Jundered. To me it was like seeing Picasso paint or Beethoven play music. It was inspiring to see this man who is so important to a sport participate and FINISH! One of my beautiful and amazing friends who is involved in the Ultra Running Community, Maria Walton, provided me with these photos of Gordon while he was in Arizona. Seeing that photo of him finishing brings me such joy and happiness.


I decided to go out and watch the Javelina Jundred and cheer on some friends who were running. I unfortunately couldn’t volunteer due to have the kids but I decided to make it a fun outing for them. I believe that children should be outside and in nature as much as possible. Too many kids are wrapped up in sitting in front of the tv. I love taking them to events where they see strong positive people doing amazing things! Javelina Jundred is always near Halloween so the encourage people to dress up. I ended up having the kids wear their Halloween costumes and a lot of people got a kick out of it. Landen was a giant spider which I think fits right in with trail running.


When we arrived I was BLOWN AWAY by the number of runners. I have never been to such a BIG ultra running event. I knew that this race was bigger then normal especially since it is a Western State Qualifier and the fact that Utlra Sports Live TV was there. We had to park and take a bus in and when we got off the bus all I saw was tents…everywhere! It was crazy and made me so excited that this many people loved to run and where there being a part of this race!


I decided to head to the start line to see if any of my friends were coming through for another loop. I ended up running into a lot more people then I thought I would and was happy to hear that all my friends were doing well and still running.

The Start Line
Food Tent at the Start Line! Aravaipa always treat their runners well!
A Runner Fulling up! I loved her Halloween outfit!
Signs showing the runners which way to run depending on what loop they were on.

While at the start line my friend Miguel introduced me to The Tarahumara. If you don’t know who The Tarahumara are I HIGHLY recommend the Book Born to Run. You can purchase it through amazon http://www.amazon.com/Born-Run-Hidden-Superathletes-Greatest/dp/0307279189  Miguel had the pleasure of meeting them at The Born To Run Race back in May. He talked about how amazing his experience was running with them. I wondered over to a table that they had set up with different trickents you could buy. I knew I wanted to get something and found something perfect! A MAROON and GOLD leather bracelet. If you know me personally you know that I am a huge ASU SUN DEVIL FAN. It was amazing to see the Tarahumara runners run and will cherish witnessing it.  This bracelet now goes with me everywhere!

tab brace

After spending a few hours watching runners and seeing friends it was time for us to leave. The kids enjoyed running around in nature and I enjoyed seeing runners accomplish goals. I even thought to myself maybe one day I can run the Javelina Jundred. After leaving I went home and watched the Live feed that was Utlra Sports Live TV provided online. Some of my friends, Tim and Amanda were able to complete their first 100K. My other friend Cristine finished the 100 miler! It is crazy how amazing these friends I have made through running are. I even decided to ask a few of them some questions regarding their experience at Javeline Jundred. I will be doing anothing blog post about their answers next week.



About Me Monday: LIFE IS CRAZY/ WEEK 8 Training

I didn’t get to my usually Sunday post about my training well because I have been so busy with running and life.I want to sit down and really reflect on a few things and write some blog posts.


. First of all two weekends ago I went to Javelina Jundred to cheer on some of my friends. For some of my friends this was their first 100K or 100 miler. It was amazing to go to the camp grounds at McDowell Mountains and see all these people enjoy and love something that I love. It was so inspiring and made me think hopefully that one day I might be able to be one of those people trying to do 100K or 100 miles. If you are at all interested in Javelina Jundred visiting Aravaipa’s website http://aravaiparunning.com/network/javelinajundred/ I am going to do a blog post coming up about my time at the camp and about my friends who completed it.

The other blog post I want to reflect and type up is Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountains. This past weekend I was on a team at Ragnar Trail Arizona at McDowell Mountains. Because I did this I had to move around some of my runs, You also have to remember I did a 1/2 last weekend and this was the first time I had big back to back races. So it was all a learning experience for me. The outcome was GREAT! Again I will reflect more on this in another post but I feel great today which makes me confident in my running ability and in my goal of completing a full marathon.


In general I feel like my training is coming along as I move into week 9! After I am done with this week I will be 1/2 way though my training. Overall I am happy with my progress and I am seeing results. The big thing I am seeing is my endurance level is up! I am hoping in the coming weeks I can be really stick with my training and complete my goal of the full! So even though life has been crazy I have been able to be involved in the race community over the past few weeks which makes the chaos fun!